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Yet another Dory Pez item!

How much is too much?

Another Dory Pez Set to hit the US

I am starting to wonder how much is too much in regards to all the different Dory sets and boxed sets.

At first we received the European version which introduced two new dispensers and one refreshed dispenser.

Then came the two US sets – MOC with different colored translucent stems and the aquarium with the blueish translucent stems.

Now comes yet another TwinPack Pez box with Dory and Nemo – Same as the MOC US version.

Pez TwinPack - Finding Dory

Where can you get one

I was happy to hear that this is not limited to FiveBelow again, as it would have made it hard to get again. I have nothing against the great items that FiveBelow provides us with, just with the complexity of obtaining them.

This photo was taken by Eddie Pez Hunter Santiago, who purchased it at Jungle Jim’s in Cincinnati ohio. Chris Jordan also reported in her July monthly newsletter about this boxes set, notifying that she will have them in stock soon.

Will you be getting one?

Sure, this is another item that many people will want to obtain, but as I have no room to display them – I am seriously thinking about skipping that one. It’s a shame to get people working on getting it for you, just to put it away in a cabinet for storage.

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  1. No I won’t be getting this! I already have them loose and the fishbowl set! That enough for me

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