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Pharmacist Pez dispenser

Thanks to our friend Elmeri, we came to acknowledge a dispenser we didn’t know about so far.

Pharmacist Pez Dispenser

Apparently these dispensers were a part of a campaign in Ontario Canada back in March 2015.

In an effort to quash the stereotype that a pharmacist’s only role is to dispense medication, the Ontario Pharmacists Association (OPA) has launched “Pharmacists Offer More”–the organization’s first-ever campaign.

50 Pharmacist Pez dispensers were manufactured for the event and were handed to key stakeholders withing the Ontario Pharmacists Association. This makes me belive that the chances of anyone from these 50 people keeping in MOC and having it for sale are slim to none – but I’ll keep my eyes open 🙂

Pharmacist Pez Dispenser


  1. Do you know if this ben pakulski pez showing up on eBay is a real pez dispenser made by PEZ?

  2. I have been told by a PEZ rep that the Pharmacist dispenser was not made by PEZ inc.

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