Looking to buy Pez online?

I have gathered a few sites that sell PEZ. If it is your site and you wish for me to add more information, please let me know. If you run an online PEZ store and would like me to add your site or Facebook page, please contact me.

Official Pez stores:

Official Pez International web store

Pez International ShopThe shop features many Pez related items that are available through the store, or some selected duty free stores around Europe. Lately they started offering some Pez dispensers as well, but not all of the available sets are sold on the site.

Pez international ships to most of the European countries and offers free shipping on orders over 50 Euros.

Shipping is very quick and takes 2-5 business days.


Official Pez Candy Inc. web store

Pez Candy ShopThe shop offers many dispensers from current dispensers to discontinued dispensers (when available). If you need to complete some older sets, you should try your luck on their store.

In order to purchase from the store, you need to reside within the US (I think that Canada also works) as well as pay with a local credit card. You can always have an American friend purchase it for you.

Free shipping is available on all orders over $100.


European Pez stores:


Pez Shop ATRan by Willi Schodritz, a great source for all the unique dispensers that are showing up across Europe, as well as the most current ones.

The site is available in both English and German and ships worldwide with great shipping prices!




ivans-pezRan by Ivan Jurjevic, this is a new store from a veteran Pez seller. We will have to give Ivan some more time to get the items into the store, but it is already showing some great prices for the new European releases.




American Pez stores:

Pez Collectors Store

Pez Collectors storeRan by Chris Jordan. On this store you can find a mixture of old and new dispensers for your collection, as well as many other licensed Pez items from all around the globe. I will also suggest that you will register for the site’s monthly newsletter to stay up to date with more Pez news.




US Candy Dispensers

US Candy dispensersRan by David Meagher.

This site offers you the latest releases from the US and Europe. if you are looking for vintage items – this is not the place for you.




Pez 5150

Pez5150Ran by Tina Christison Gunsauls.

The stores offers a mixture of old and new dispensers.





Dreamlife 90 - pez storeThe store has a huge variety of dispensers and offers them loose, mint or as a combo of both.

This is great for people who like to display loose, but keep a closed version for years to come.

If you recall who is the owner of the store, please drop me a note.



Pez Collectors News – PCN

Pez collectors newsThe site is ran by Richie Belyski. The site offers a variety of Pez dispensers, old and new.

A special thing to know is that this site is that the price you see on the site is before shipping. Shipping will be calculated manually once you place the order, and a paypal payment request will be sent to you.



Other Pez stores:

PezToys Nawarat

Pez Toys NarawatThis store exists on Facebook, where you have to message the seller if you wish to purchase anything.

The store is located in Thailand, but offers shipping world-wide.