Here you will find a list of helpful link to some great Pez databases or guides.

If it is your site and you want me to update the information about it, please contact me. If I am missing something, please let me know!

Official Pez Guides:

Pez Candy Inc – Dispenser by year

Official Pez guideThis guide cover the different dispensers that were released and sorts them by the year they were introduced, going back from today to 1948!

Sadly the guide does not include every dispenser ever made, but it is very extensive.

Sadly there is no search option to find a certain dispenser by it’s name or set.




Non Official Pez Guides:

MoMo Pez

Momo PezThis site offers a very extensive documentation on the different dispensers, together with photos and just recently started offering a 360 view of them.

The database is updated very often, and covers most of the dispensers out there. Most of the photos are of the dispensers owned by MoMo Pez himself!

The site also lets you open an account and use it to document your collection.



Christian Pez

Chrisitian PezThis is the personal site of Christian Pez, a French collector. The photos on the site are based on his personal Pez collection and offer detailed information on the various dispensers.

The site also allows you to purchase some of the extras that Christian has.



1. Österreichischen PEZ- und Kaffeebeigaben Sammlerverein

Austrian Pez collectors clubThis is the site of the official Austrian collectors club, which is the only official Pez club in the world!

The site is ran by Günter Haidinger, the head of the club, and offers some pictorial documentation of different dispensers and pez items.

I believe that the photos are based on Günter’s personal collection.



Pingu mini Pez guide

Mini Pez guideThis guide is a great source for information on the 49 mini Pez sets that were sold in Japan.

You can find the name of each character as well as the release date of the set. The site also offers images of the items as well as the paper inserts that came with it.