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Pharmacist Pez dispenser

Thanks to our friend Elmeri, we came to acknowledge a dispenser we didn’t know about so far.

Pharmacist Pez Dispenser

Apparently these dispensers were a part of a campaign in Ontario Canada back in March 2015.

In an effort to quash the stereotype that a pharmacist’s only role is to dispense medication, the Ontario Pharmacists Association (OPA) has launched “Pharmacists Offer More”–the organization’s first-ever campaign.

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FasterPez on Facebook!

Dear readers,

I have opened a page on Facebook – you can visit the page here.

The blog keeps on going with the more major news and Pez events from around the world, while the page is there to cover small items, interesting Pez photos from the web and surely the big news shared on this blog.

If you are on Facebook, I would love for you to like the page and share/comment on the posts.

Pez Play updates!

These are exciting news!

Pez Play – PEZ Land

We’ve all seen the brick breaker game that was displayed in the press releases and at the PEZ International booth. Now Pez International decided to ramp it up for the unlicensed games, to make it more interesting for the kids.

A new inlay will be added to the refill packs. On the backside of the refill pack there is a code for the kids to scan. In total 6 codes will be out, which represent the 6 different candy flavours:

  • Lemon
  • Cherry
  • Strawberry
  • Orange
  • Raspberry
  • Mango

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Rainbow of storm trooper PEZ

European Storm Trooper PEZ variations

Not so long ago, we received the re-released storm trooper in Europe. This storm trooper PEZ came with green stripes on the sides of his head.

A little later, collectors have noticed that these green lines have been changed from green to black and reported about it. There are two variations of it in terms of copyrights as one has the old ‘1997 Lucasfilm Ltd.’ copyrights and the new ‘LFL’ copy.

In the last two weeks, some collectors were lucky to find yet a third color variation where the black became blue all of a sudden!

rainbow storm trooper pez

Photo by Weronica Blixt
Click to view larger image

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UEFA 2016 – French PEZ Soccer Balls

This year we will get three new soccer balls – the

French PEZ soccer balls

Every few years, a different European country decides to make soccer balls with stems in the color of their country. This year it is the French importer of PEZ that decided to make 3 different soccer balls.

80,000 dispensers were made from this set and the will be sold across France. The set consists of three dispensers in the color of the French flag – Blue, White and Red. Each dispenser will have a print of ‘2016’ on it’s stem to commemorate the year.

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