My name is FasterPez and I’m an Israeli PezHead!

I’ve been collecting Pez since my honeymoon back in 2007. My inspiration for collecting PEZ came when I saw a video interview with an Israeli Pez collector names Osnat. As a part of our honeymoon, we traveled to EuroDisney Paris where we saw all of the Disney PEZ sold there and decided to go for it. It didn’t take long before we raided the local supermarkets in the area to see what else we could find. At the end of the trip we had 24 different PEZ dispensers in our collection and since then it keeps on growing.

Today my collection has over 2,000 PEZ dispensers and PEZ related items which I collected with the help of my dear friends from around the globe. I am focusing my collection on current dispensers and some special items that i like.

I used to be much more active in the community, but life caught up with me. These days I make sure to follow all the information posted online, as well as using my sources to stay updated with anything PEZ. Sadly, allot of the information I manage to obtain cannot be shared with the public right away or at all, due to privacy, licensing and legal issues. Most of the information that I post will be focused on European releases as PEZ International is more open to the community.

I am also the host of the Israeli PEZ gathering, which is a one day event that takes places annually. There was no official gathering this year, but stay tuned for 2016!