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Going down for renovations!

My dear followers!

The site has been running for a long time, where lately I had some changes going on in my life, which kept me away from PEZ and you. Things are not well yet, but I decided that I am not willing to give up on my hobby and my site.

The site will soon be changing, upgrading, renewing, evolving. I hope that once the site will return in it’s final form, you will return to follow and enjoy it and the information I provide to you.

FasterPez will rise once again, better than ever!

Thank you for your friendship, thanks for following.

Ran Eyal A.k.A FasterPez

FasterPez Turns 3!

Did you know that was “born” on April 23rd 2013?

Happy Birthday

I started this site in 2013, after running through a few different platforms and ideas. In 2015 I made a major change to the site which caused all the previous posts to be deleted. I hope to find the time to start working on FasterPez 3.0 soon, which will introduce some major changes to the look and feel of the site + additional things I’m planning.

Happy 3rd birthday FasterPez

Thank you

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all. There are some people who registered to my site from the beginning and are still with me to receive updates whenever I post, and others that joined along the way. I am happy to read your comments from time to time, letting me know if you found the information was helpful, if you liked it or not and more. I would also like to thank the ones who make sure to correct me if I get something wrong – this is very important to me.

I would also like to thank the people who make sure to contact me over email/facebook sharing some new and exciting Pez updates, or photos of the new items they received.

I hope to stay around for many more years, and keep on being a source for your information.

Trying to find a better look

Hello all,

Some have been with me for a few years now, while others are new around here.

I am always trying to find the best look for the site, to make it easy for everyone to read the different articles I post. I have just made another change and I would love to hear what you have to say about it. If you care to take a moment, browse through the site and let me know your thoughts – I will appreciate it! Ohh, and please let me know what device you were using.

Thanks ahead,

Be a local Pez reporter!


Looking for local PEZ reporters !

Many of us PezHeads travel around the world, or have people who are traveling. It is so annoying to go all around the place, just to find out that they have the same exact dispensers as you have in your country, or already have in your collection. I think that it’s also the other way around, when you think you cannot find anything special but when you get home – you see a photo of this great new dispenser that is limited to that country and you just missed it!

What do you have to do?

It is pretty simple! If you are a PezHead that always makes sure to stay updated with the Pez availability in your country and wish to help the community – shoot me a quick email with your name, country and what are the current available dispensers at your stores. When something is no longer sold, or something new just arrived – contact me so I will make the update.

I wish to find one person in each country, which will be credited for the updates on the project’s page.

My email is, or you can find me on Facebook.

Sharing is Caring

Thank you for reading this!Thank You Note

I first wanted to thank you for following my blog. I do my best to find the time to follow-up with my connections and the community to bring you the latest news as they come.

I share the posts on my wall and only share the ones I see as very important news in some of the groups. I will appriciate it if when you find the information in my posts useful, you will use the sharing buttons that are at the bottom of each post to share the post through your favorite social network.

You can never be friends with everyone who collects Pez, and I am sure that you have some friends I never got to know. By sharing you will be helping me in spreading the news, and help your friends by getting the news to them.

Have some info?

I also wanted to point out that if you found something new about Pez, I will be grateful if you could share the information with me and any photos you might have. I will try to post it ASAP to all the blog followers, and surely give you the credit for the update.

Thank you for your help and support!




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