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This category contains news about new Pez anywhere in the globe, by both Pez international and Pez candy Inc.

BSC Football Pez

Just when we thought that the US will be getting everything that comes out in Europe, Pez International released a post of the new

BSC Young Boys Football twin PEZ dispensers!

BSC Young Boys is a Swiss sports club based in the capital city Bern. They are the official team and plays in the Swiss League. The team was founded on 14 March 1898, a whooping 18 years ago!

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2017 Lineup – Pez International

Great new Pez coming in 2017!

I just received the information from Pez International in regards to their current lineup for the year of 2017. There are some old dispensers returning with new editions, as well as brand new sets.

December 2016:

Nintendo Pez- 4 dispensers in the set, 2 are new dispensers.

Emojis – Europe will be getting 4 new Emoji Pez dispensers, however they are a copy of the ones already released in the US.

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Yet another Dory Pez item!

How much is too much?

Another Dory Pez Set to hit the US

I am starting to wonder how much is too much in regards to all the different Dory sets and boxed sets.

At first we received the European version which introduced two new dispensers and one refreshed dispenser.

Then came the two US sets – MOC with different colored translucent stems and the aquarium with the blueish translucent stems.

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Pharmacist Pez dispenser

Thanks to our friend Elmeri, we came to acknowledge a dispenser we didn’t know about so far.

Pharmacist Pez Dispenser

Apparently these dispensers were a part of a campaign in Ontario Canada back in March 2015.

In an effort to quash the stereotype that a pharmacist’s only role is to dispense medication, the Ontario Pharmacists Association (OPA) has launched “Pharmacists Offer More”–the organization’s first-ever campaign.

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UEFA 2016 – French PEZ Soccer Balls

This year we will get three new soccer balls – the

French PEZ soccer balls

Every few years, a different European country decides to make soccer balls with stems in the color of their country. This year it is the French importer of PEZ that decided to make 3 different soccer balls.

80,000 dispensers were made from this set and the will be sold across France. The set consists of three dispensers in the color of the French flag – Blue, White and Red. Each dispenser will have a print of ‘2016’ on it’s stem to commemorate the year.

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