Business Tips From Steve Jobs – How To Bring Your Company To The Peaks Of Glory


Co-founder of Apple , Steve Jobs was one of the most recognized, respected and feared businessmen from industry IT and those who aspire to a huge success continue to be guided by his achievements.

Jobs has led his company to innovation and unprecedented glory. Although he was often considered too harsh, his vision of “computers for all” led to the creation of revolutionary products such as the iPod mp3 player, the iTunes music store, the iPhone smartphone and the iPad tablet.

Nolan Bushnell, author of “Finding the Next Steve Jobs,” personally met the late Apple CEO.

According to, he hired Jobs to his gaming company, Atari, as a technician in 1974, and even though he founded Apple two years later, the two remained friends.

Bushnell mentioned the 5 most important things entrepreneurs can learn from Steve Jobs.

Many Apple employees complained about Jobs’ attitude, which he thought was right in every way. But he was also willing to work harder and get harder than others, who may have had at least as good an idea, but were easily beaten.

According to the quoted source, the key to success is to be just so annoying and impulsive that you make your employees do an excellent job. However, you don’t have to be unbearable all the time and for no reason, “because that’s not the ultimate goal,” says Bushnell.

You Must Be Very Passionate About What You Do

Jobs had a contagious enthusiasm for everything he did and he knew how to bring at least people as passionate as him.

“Listen carefully when a candidate describes their passions. In the long run, ardent people will contribute the most to your company,” Bushnell said.

Be creative when it comes to delegating tasks Bushnell remembers Jobs telling him how his Apple colleagues expected him to come up with all the creative ideas. “At another meeting, he expressed concern for those people who believed that Apple was successful only because of him and that he was receiving too much attention,” the writer said. But Jobs brought his company to the heights of success and by knowing who to delegate tasks to. “Creativity must fly free throughout the company,” Bushnell said. Be very curious As an entrepreneur, being curious is crucial. You have to want and really know how things work in your company and why. Jobs’ curiosity transcended technology and product design.

“Curious people always have a wide range of interests and a wide knowledge base in many different fields,” says Bushnell.

Successful entrepreneurs also need to be able to quickly understand the company’s problems and make decisions “on the go”.

“Being able to solve a problem is much more practical than knowing the right answer,” the writer said.

Failure Shouldn’t Scare You

While he was in charge of Apple, Jobs learned a few things about failure. In the early 1980s, poor sales of Apple III and LISA computers halved Apple’s market share.

“Sometimes the markets, the people and the ideas aren’t really good, but you have to move on and try again. It’s like playing chess.”

Steve Jobs passed away on October 5, 2011 due to cancer.