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Getting back

Hello my friends and readers,

I’ve been on and off in the past few month due to some illness I’ve been dealing with. Now that it’s finally been diagnosed, I know it will stay with me for some time, but at least now i know what it is and how to deal with the symptoms – hoping it will help and hoping it will end at some point.

That means that I will be more functional and I will try to get back to my site and doing what i was planning on doing with it – hoping to get back to my news updates about the PEZ world.

I apologize to anyone who is still waiting for a package from me, I will now get that in order as well. If you are waiting on an item from me – please contact me and let me know what it is and mention your address. I know about at least two people on that list.

Happy to return! Missed you all!
Ran A.K.A FasterPez

Ask FasterPez: Australian Pez Emoticons



Hello Faster Pez
Earlier this year I heard 3 more Emotion Pez would be added to the set, but I haven’t heard any more about them.
Are they still being released? If so ,do you know when?
Australian Pez Emoticons


It was previously claimed that the 3 new Pez emoticons were already shipped to Australia and will be released around March if I am not mistaken.
I have checked with Greg Potent which is in direct communications with the Australian importer, and he said that there are no news about the new emoticons, and no estimated release date at the moment.
The only thing I can tell at the moment is that they will be added to the Pez Emoticons set during 2015 🙂


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