Great new Pez coming in 2017!

I just received the information from Pez International in regards to their current lineup for the year of 2017. There are some old dispensers returning with new editions, as well as brand new sets.

December 2016:

Nintendo Pez- 4 dispensers in the set, 2 are new dispensers.

Emojis – Europe will be getting 4 new Emoji Pez dispensers, however they are a copy of the ones already released in the US.

January 2017:

Smurfs Pez – As the new Smurfs 3 movie comes to the cinemas, a set with 4 new Smurfs Pez dispensers will be released. Pez card collectors can expect a brand new card for this one!

February 2017:

Hello Kitty Pez – This will be the same old molds that we’ve gone used to, however the paint of both head and stem will be different.

March 2017:

Paw Patrol Pez – A brand new set with two characters.

April 2017:

Transformers Pez – Yet again, a set to accompany the new movie – transformers 5 –  There will be 3 new transformers Pez characters in this set. The set will also come with a new Pez code for a mobile game.

Despicable me 3 – This time this pez set comes with 3 characters and introduces one new Pez dispenser. I cannot tell if it’s one of the dispensers that were already released in the US which now comes to Europe or a brand new one.

July 2017:

DC Super Hero Girls Pez – a brand new set with 4 new dispensers.

August 2017:

My Little Pony – Seems like nothing new is coming with this re-release besides a PezPlay code for a mobile game.


More sets will surely be released as time goes, surely local releases for some European countries.